Frequently asked questions

Do you reserve items? 

We are always happy to place items on hold for one week for our customers! Please don’t hesitate to send us a message!

Do you resize rings?

Unfortunately we don't have the silversmith skill so we cant resize rings and aren't capable of offering confident advice on resize. The great news is that jewelers typically charge $15-60 for resize on Sterling rings and are happy to offer advice on the phone! Just ask them if you can send a picture or email the URL to our listing to get an opinion from a qualified jeweler. And don't hesitate to reach out to us if they need more info! Our #1 priority is creating sales that our valued customers will be thrilled with! ✨


Where do you source your items from?

🔍 We spend a lot of time on the road, searching estate sales, private sales, pawn shops and other unique places to find the pieces that we offer here in our store. They are all unique and pre-owned. We consider ourselves professional treasure-hunters!✨
Because of this unique manner of obtaining our inventory, we don’t often get the opportunity to learn the full history of an item’s origin. We are small-business resellers of vintage items who celebrate the silversmiths and goldsmiths that are out there making the awesome pieces we get to offer to you, our valued customer!


Do you accept returns?

Of course! We always want our customers to be 100% happy with their purchase - just look at our feedback! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
If you are ever unhappy with a piece, please let us know and we will always be happy to refund the full price of the purchased item, less return standard USPS shipping cost.


Are the gemstones listed real? 

Based on our viewing of the gemstones listed in any item, under 10X magnification, and in comparing the color of the gemstones to what is typical in the respective gemstone identification mentioned in the listing, we were confident in our assessment of the piece as having natural stones. Unfortunately, given the price point of Sterling Silver jewelry, we do not provide GIA gem identification reports with our items since they are quite costly, but we do use a Presidium gem tester to double check our assessment as well so that our customers can feel confident buying from us 😊🙏🏼 We always do our best to accurately identify our pieces!


Can you send additional pictures?

Of course! We are always happy to accommodate customers asking for further photography!


Do you do custom orders? 

All of our items are purchased in the wild, out on the road, from many different places, and have traveled many different paths along the way. This means, we have bought them from pre-owned sources and don’t create these pieces ourselves - they’re all treasures we have hunted for!
That said, our physical inventory is much bigger than what you see here online so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have a piece in mind that you don’t see in our shop - we just may have what you’re looking for! ✨


Will you break up charm lots?

Although I do wish that I had the ability to break up the lots we create, unfortunately it creates an inventory nightmare for us. 😢🙏🏼 Please reach out to see if we have what you are looking for in our off-line inventory!


Gift wrapping and packaging

🎁 We offer gift wrapping! Please message us if you’d like to include a hand-written card to the gift recipient. We are always happy to help out! 💝


Are all of your items Sterling Silver?

Yes they are! We buy from reputable sources and have been in the business for years so we employ many methods of confidently determining that the items we purchase for resale to our amazing customers are no less than 0.925 Silver (unless otherwise stated), known as Sterling Silver.


Would you consider making a deal on an item?

⭐️ It’s always worth asking! We have always operated on the business strategy “It’s better to run a shop than a museum” - please don’t hesitate to send us a message if you see an item you just can’t live without ✨


I’m buying an item to be shipped internationally. Will you lower the value on the customs form or mark it as a gift?

Sorry, we cannot mark items as gifts unless they are marked as such by you during the checkout process. The amount paid for the item auto-populates into the customs form that Etsy’s shipping system creates for each individual sale. We don’t have any control over how much your country charges you in taxes - please appeal to your local government about the tariffs they put on items imported from the US as this is the real culprit! 🙏🏼


Do you offer Layaway?

So sorry, we don’t currently offer Layaway, but we are happy to place an item on reserve and love to work with our customers to help make a purchase possible so don’t hesitate to reach out!


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